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Hidden Goa: Heart Shaped Lagoon

It is surprising that despite being only 6 Km from Dabolim airport, most tourists give Bogmallo beach a miss. For a beach of its size, it has got some really good food options, one of the earliest 5-star hotels in Goa, a naval museum and a great place for Scuba diving near Bat and Grand islands. However, this post is about a concealed lagoon of turquoise color and shaped like a heart. It is a half an hour walk from Bogmallo beach. On a vehicle one can reach within 10 minutes. Though it is a famous sunset point, we chose to go early morning on foot. It is located very near to Stone water Eco resort and Coast Guard colony. On reaching the Coast Guard colony, a dust road forks into two.

Following one path will lead you to an edge of a precipice known a Suicide point or Yes Point. This place surely gives justice to its paradoxical names, for a fall from this cliff would mean a certain death. On the other hand, it is a wonderful place to propose to your beloved and elicit a “Yes”. The place has a commanding view of the Arabian sea right till Majorda Beach to the south. The lagoon in question is located the foot of the cliff. Since there were no other tourists, the silence was universal except for waves crashing against rocks or sea breeze whistling through palms. It is a place of ravishing beauty.

Yes Point or Suicide point
Heart Shaped lagoon at the bottom of the precipice
Panoramic view of Arabian Sea

Another path from the fork will lead you to the lagoon itself. Water was turquoise, surprisingly clear and tempting for a swim. It is an excellent place to sit and ponder about life, stir that memory pool. So if you happen to visit Bogmallo beach, visit this quiet lagoon as well.

Dust road to Lagoon
Turquoise waters of Lagoon
Stir that pool of memories

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